Sina Nossa (PRT)

Seven musicians from North Rhine-Westphalia shared their passion for fado. In 2005, five Portuguese, a Brazilian and a German founded Sina Nossa – or in English: our destiny. While fado is the driving force, anyone expecting Sina Nossa to be a classical fado ensemble is in for a surprise because the musicians fuse their musical roots with elements from classical music, jazz, pop and folklore and bring their different musical characters to bear, imbuing the music with their own, inimitable style.

The melancholy and world-weariness of the fado are mingled with rhythm, carefree vivacity and joie de vivre, but without pathos…

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Die Grenzgänger (DEU)

Music from the world meets German folk song and chanson

Die Grenzgänger (The front-lineers) from Bremen gave guest performances throughout the Federal Republic, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Austria and Sweden with a stirring mix of chanson, folk song, jazz, blues and music cabaret. Deutschlandradio sent the group as a German contribution to the Festival of European Broadcasting in Norway.
In the current line-up, the „Grenzgänger“ sound as powerful and virtuosic as it is rare…

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Duo Doyna (DEU)

The Duo Doyna combines musical worlds in lively Frejlachs and fast Bulgarian dances from the traditional wedding and dance music of the Eastern European Jews, Sephardic sounds from the Mediterranean region and their own compositions: The touching and rousing Klezmer melodies, which have been associated for centuries with the farmer dances of the East and South-Eastern European countries, grow in the virtuoso improvisations of the duo beyond themselves and combine with hints of jazz, rock and funk…

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Tolgahan Çoğulu (TUR)

Tolgahan Çoğulu (b. 1978 in Ankara, Turkey) began his classical guitar studies at the age of twelve. He studied with Ayhan Akkaya, Soner Egesel, Bekir Kucukay and Ricardo Moyano between 1996-2001. He has participated in Iserlohn, Lambesc, Esztregom and Westfalian guitar festivals and studied with guitarists such as Roland Dyens, Carlo Domeniconi, Dale Kavanagh, William Kanensiger and Jorge Cardoso.
He received both Master of Music and PhD degrees on classical guitar from Istanbul Technical University, Center for Advanced Studies in Music where he studied with Soner Egesel and Bekir Küçükay. His PhD thesis is entitled ‘The Adaptation of Baglama Techniques into Classical Guitar Performance’ and…

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