Duo Doyna (DEU)

Duo Doyna – Modern Klezmer

Annette Maye – clarinet, bass clarinet
Martin Schulte – Guitar

The Duo Doyna combines musical worlds in lively Frejlachs and fast Bulgarian dances from the traditional wedding and dance music of the Eastern European Jews, Sephardic sounds from the Mediterranean region and their own compositions: The touching and rousing Klezmer melodies, which have been associated for centuries with the farmer dances of the East and South-Eastern European countries, grow in the virtuoso improvisations of the duo beyond themselves and combine with hints of jazz, rock and funk.

„Masterful instrumentalists“ enthuses the Westdeutsche Zeitung about the Duo Doyna. In the new program „Sammy’s Frejlach“ and on the debut CD with the same name, improvisation is the focus: following the tradition on the one hand, jazzy, free and expressive on the other, always spontaneous, virtuoso and with unbounded joy of playing! With his name, the Duo Doyna refers to the originally Romanian shepherd melody „Doina“, which has entered the Klezmer music and is an indispensable part of every Jewish wedding: rhythmically free and melodically free, the mourning „Doina“ offers with its melisms, Sequencing and resting places the former as well as today’s Klezmorim the possibility to express their feelings most intensively through musical improvisation.

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