InceSaz (TUR)

 İncesaz was founded in 1997 by Murat Aydemir, Derya Türkan and Cengiz Onural. Istanbul lyra, tanbur and kanun are the most important soloists.

The concert repertoire of InceSaz is usually a mixture of traditional and classical Turkish songs. İncesaz also interprets own compositions by Cengiz Onural and Murat Aydemir.

Ezgi Köker Aldemir – Bora Ebeoğlu: Soloists
Murat Aydemir – tanbur, co-founder
Taner Sayacıoğlu – kanun
Emre Erdal – İstanbul lyra
Türker Çolak – Drums
Volkan Hürsever – Double Bass
Cengiz Onural – guitar, co-founder

In the last 21 years the group has released 9 albums and written and interpreted music for two legendary TV series (Ekmek Tekneki and İkinci Bahar) for two years.

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