Impressions of MainWeltmusik Festival 2014-2019

Ein musikalisches Fest in Offenbach | Mit der Kraft der Musik Grenzen überwinden. „Musik ohne Grenzen verbindet Nationen“ Das internationale Festival der Weltmusik möchte Menschen unterschiedlichster Herkunft zusammenführen, um das gemeinsame kulturelle und geistige Erbe miteinander zu feiern, zu teilen und weiterzuentwickeln. Dabei spielen die unterschiedlichen Nationalitäten, Religionen und Sprachen…


Giora Feidman Trio (ISR)

The trio with clarinet, guitar and double bass was Feidman’s “classic” cast. In this formation, starting in the United States, he injected decisive impulses into the renaissance of klezmer music and, with his trio, later caused the “Spirit of Klezmer” also to become very popular in Germany. Klezmer songs are much more than simple musical arrangements. Not only the melodies, but also the emotional manner, in which the interpretations emerge are what make this kind of music so unique. The very soul is brought to resonate – from the first through to the last second.

The well-rehearsed musicians fit perfectly to one another as they almost compete against each other, each encouraging the other, supplementing something that the other began, adding points, imitating, counteracting the sequences of the partnering instruments – often with concentrated earnestness and sometimes good for a light-hearted prank. Everyone, who is able to attend, is swept away.
Every concert is one-of-a-kind…


Kočani Orkestar (MKD)

Die mächtige mazedonische Blaskapelle überraschte 1997 mit ihrem Album „L’Orient est rouge“ die westliche Welt. Der charakteristische donnernde Stil der Band wurde bald sehr beliebt: Ihre kraftvolle Rhythmusgruppe (Schlagzeuger + vier Tuben), ihre leidenschaftlichen Solisten und die schiere Funkigkeit ihrer Beats ließen jedes Publikum in den Tanz einsteigen obwohl das…


GaMaNia (DEU)

„GaMaNia“is an imaginary country that Gabriela and Martin discovered; a country that has similarities with germany, and with everyone that speaks or sings in german.

Everyone that plays or sings along with them achieves thereby the citizenship of GaMaNia and is a GaManian. Multiple citizenships are welcome. It is a nice coincidence that Ga Ma & Ni are tone syllables in indian music, and correspond with the note names E F & B or with the syllables Mi Fa & Ti in Solfeggio…


Flamenco Sentío (ESP)

Sentío means „the feeling“ in Spanish. Flamenco consists of the individual feelings of single artists which intertwine the basic elements flamenco (song, guitar, dance). That allows for creativity and improvisation.
The artists Rubio Montero (song), Diego Rocha (guitar), Marie Estrada (dance) have been working together very successfully over the past years. Last year at MainWeltmusik festival 2016 was a very successful celebration. The group „Sentío“ is pleased to present flamenco with a lot sentío at the festival…


Quartett Anatolia (TUR)

Hasan Yükselirs master discipline is to embed the Anatolian song and poetry of famous Turkish mystics and poets in music and to let it sound artistically. Quartet Anatolia – under the direction of Hasan Yükselir – enables a journey through traditional Anatolian folk tunes, which are interpreted in classical, western music forms as well as in the mode of jazz. 



RAÍCES (Música Argentina) In der Absicht, die Wurzeln der vielfältigen Kultur Argentiniens zu ergründen, widmen sich der argentinische Sänger Diego Valentín Flores und die Berliner Pianistin Katja Steinhäuser dem repräsentativsten Repertoire dieses Landes. Zambas, Tangos, Canciones, Tonadas und mehr. Schlicht und einfach. Intensiv und berührend. Eine Reise direkt ins Herz…


Ugarit (SYR)

Walid Khatba – Violine
Abdalhade Deb – UD & Soloist

Ugarit is an ancient port and Bronze Age trading city in northern Syria. Its people spoke a Semitic language written in a distinctive cuneiform alphabet. Abdalhade Deb & Walid Khatba, both graduate the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus and have been working together very successfully over the past years…


Hasan Yükselir (TUR)

The soloist and composer Hasan Yükselir lives and works in Berlin and in Istanbul. He completed his musical education at the Gazi University Ankara and subsequently received his M.A. from the Faculty of Language, History and Geography of the University of Ankara. There, he received instruction in composition from Turgut Aldemir and vocal instruction from Sevim Çıdamlı (Soprano). Hasan Yükselir ranks among the exceptional creative musical talents of his country. He composes and adapts traditional Turkish folk songs into both western classical musical forms as well as into jazz idioms and renders them in his classically trained voice. He performed in theatrical plays and musicals, published several CDs and composed film music for the Turkish and German television…


Erdem Şimşek (TUR)

Erdem Şimşek was born in Ankara, on 1984. He is one of the prominent baglama performers of younger generation. He started to play baglama when he was six with the influences of his grandfather Asık Suleyman Kocak. He graduated from METU, Geological Engineering Department in 2007.

He completed his ethnomusicology master degree in ITU MIAM, where he worked as a research assistant until 2015. He continues his doctoral studies in ITU Musicology and Music Theory Program and works as a lecturer in ITU Turkish Music State Concervatory Instrument Department. Behind the concerts with Bengi Baglama Trio and Lal Baglama Trio he has been performing in many different international music projects such as the ones with Dresden Sinfoniker and Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. He performed in many music programs in national TV (TRT), like Bergüzar, Dem Bu Dem, Katre, Yediveren, Telli Turnam…