InceSaz (TUR)

İncesaz wurde 1997 von Murat Aydemir, Derya Türkan und Cengiz Onural gegründet. Istanbul lyra, tanbur und kanun sind die wichtigsten Solisten. Das Konzertrepertoire von InceSaz ist in der Regel eine Mischung aus traditioneller und klassischer türkischer Lieder. İncesaz interpretiert auch eigene Kompositionen von Cengiz Onural und Murat Aydemir. Ezgi Köker Aldemir…


Christophe Bourdoiseau (FRA)

Der Franzose Christophe Bourdoiseau präsentiert französische Chansons im traditionellen Sinne. Aber seine eigenen Lieder sind keine Erzählungen über die Bohème in Paris sondern spielen in Berlin nach der Wende im Stadtviertel Prenzlauer Berg. Immer wieder wird er dabei von wunderbaren Musikern begleitet, die seine romantischen Chansons durch slawische und swingende…



The ensemble KLEZMERS TECHTER is one of the very few professional female klezmer ensembles in Europe, if not in the entire world. Already at the beginning of their career they won a musical award at the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR ENSEMBLES in Privas, France. Since 15 years of existence they have participated hundreds of concerts not only in halls like THE OLD OPERA in Frankfurt during the days of jewish culture, but also in a lot of small synagogues especially in Germany


Vural Güler

The musician and instructor Vural Güler was born in 1971 in Ankara. For over 20 years he has performed all varieties of bağlama, tar and lute. He appears regularly at intercultural music and song recitals, concerts, and festivals in Germany, Turkey, and other European countries.
In his performances, Vural Güler adapts traditional Anatolian folk songs into an elegant and modern idiom. Rhythms and instruments are combined in new and innovative ways and harmonically complement his soft and resonant voice…


Kardeş Türküler

Music and Dances of Anatolia, Mesopotamia and Thrace

√ is a music and dance project from Turkey that performs the folk songs and dances of Anatolia, Thrace and Mesopotamia in their original languages, and pays special attention their own cultural contexts.
√ is an Istanbul based musical group, internationally known for their use of traditional Anatolian, Middle Eastern and Balkan instruments, drawing upon the rich, varied and conjoined cultural and musical traditions that are the band members‘ respective birthrights: Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Roma, and Armenian….


Razbar Ensemble

Razbar Ensemble was founded in 1997 in Bonn, Germany, and it’s primary goal is to present the sacred music of the Ahl-e Haqq, whose extraordinarily rich repertoire is derived from its deep roots in ancient spiritual and artistic traditions. From the outset of their artistic career, the Razbar Ensemble has drawn its motivation from the audience, who has been especially enthusiastic about discovering this previously unknown style of music.

The repertoire consists of a rich heritage of sacred texts and melodies that have been passed down from generation to generation. The compositions are varied, and there is no predetermined format for their performance. The texts and melodies are intuitively arranged, and even the number of musicians, singers, and members of the chorus may vary from one concert to the next…


Vali Vasile Darnea (ROU)

Der 1975 in Rumänien geborene Geiger Vali Vasile Darnea bekam schon im Alter von vier Jahren seinen ersten Geigenunterricht. Seine außerordentliche Begabung verhalf ihm schon früh, einige Wettbewerbe auf nationaler Ebene zu gewinnen. 1993 kam der junge Geiger nach Deutschland und begann zunächst als Jungstudent und zwei Jahre später als…


Rembetiko - Aspasia Stratigou & Vasilis Korakakis

From Asia Minor through the ports of Greece .The Rembetiko is a Greek style of music that has emerged from the folk music traditions of Greece and at the beginning of the 20th century forming in the cities of Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki subcultures. Aspasia Stratigou & Vasilis Korakakis (son of Rembetiko icon Vaggelis Korakakis) will present with her band a tribute to „the Greek Blues“. Rembetiko pur!…


Jorge Palomo

Jorge Palomo is a professional musician and composer who lives between Madrid, Spain & Frankfurt, Germany. He was born in the Trinidad district of Malaga in Spain and has spent most of his life living between Spain and Germany. After studying at the Spanish academy of music „Conservatorio de Fuengirola“, Jorge quickly became a professional in playing several instruments like the Spanish Guitar, the Cajon, drums, Congas etc. At the age of 24 he accompanied in Malaga world famous Flamenco musicians like Manzanita, „El Chino de Málaga“, Tableton, El Recortao, etc.

His musical journey made him become acquainted with various music genres like Pop, Rock, Latin jazz, Cuban music, Brazilian Music and with new cultures which he endeavours to fuse with Flamenco. In his opinion, Music connects people independently of their origin. Music doesn’t need any particular language to be understood and felt. Jorge’s life aim is to be an ambassador of the Flamenco music throughout the world by nourishing and evolving it…