Die Grenzgänger (DEU)

Music from the world meets German folk song and chanson

Die Grenzgänger (The front-lineers) from Bremen gave guest performances throughout the Federal Republic, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Austria and Sweden with a stirring mix of chanson, folk song, jazz, blues and music cabaret. Deutschlandradio sent the group as a German contribution to the Festival of European Broadcasting in Norway.

Five CDs have been honored with the German Record Prize, but also high rankings and the repeated appointment to the CD of the month in the renowned song list are an expression of the persistently high level of your artistic work.

In the current line-up, the „Grenzgänger“ sound as powerful and virtuosic as it is rare. Frederic Drobnjak on the guitar plays in the style of a Django Reinhardt, Felix Kroll conjures up an entire orchestra on the accordion, Annette Rettich touches the cello and melts with the voice of Michael Zachcial, who uniquely combines the old songs with the here and now.

(left to right):
Frederic Drobnjak: Guitars, Vocals,
Michael Zachcial: singing, guitar,
Felix Kroll: Accordion, vocals,
Annette Rettich: Cello, Voice

Prizes and awards:

  • German Folk Award 1995
  • Prize of the German record critics 1995
  • Place 1 list of songs with „New Emigrant“ 1996
  • CD of the month song list 1996
  • Prize of the German record critics 2002
  • CD of the month List of songs 2002
  • Prize of the German record critics 2006
  • CD of the month List of songs 2006
  • Prize of the German record critics 2007
  • Place 1 list of songs with „When death dances (Aspirin)“ 2014
  • CD of the month song list 2014
  • Prize of the German Record Critics 2014


  • Sampler Deutscher-Folk-Förderpreis 1995
  • Die Schiffe nach Amerika – Emigrantenlieder (1995)
  • Knüppel aus dem Sack – Hoffmann von Fallersleben (2002)
  • Sampler: A Musical Journey to Germany 3
  • Sampler: Free Mumia Abu Jamal (2005)
  • Keine Bange Leschinksy – Kapp-Putsch & Generalstreik März 1920 (mit Frank Baier) (2006)
  • Sampler: O bittere Zeit – Lieder aus Konzentrationslagern (2007)
  • Dunkel wars der Mond schien helle – Lieder der Kinder (2012)
  • Maikäfer flieg ! – Verschollene Lieder Erster Weltkrieg (2014)
  • Und weil der Mensch ein Mensch ist – Lager Lieder Widerstand ( Mai 2015)
  • Brot und Rosen – von Liebe und Alltag (2017, Ende März)
  • Georg Herwegh Projekt (2017, Ende Mai)


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