Vural Güler


The musician and instructor Vural Güler was born in 1971 in Ankara. From 1986 to 1990 he studied music theory with Lütfü Atan, the Director of the municipal choir of Altındağ and for four years, he performed with the leading choirs, folk dance ensembles and theatres of Ankara and Altındağ. From 1990 to 1992 he received musical instruction in choral music and in the techniques of Bağlama from Ihsan Öztürk, one of the foremost masters of this instrument in Turkey. His subsequent studies at the Technical University Istanbul enabled him to transfer to the Faculty of Music of the Goethe University in Frankfurt/M. (Germany). In 1997, he founded the Harmony Music School in Frankfurt.

For over 20 years, Vural Güler has performed all varieties of bağlama, tar and lute. He appears regularly at intercultural music and song recitals, concerts, and festivals in Germany, Turkey, and other European countries. He is the director of two musical ensembles, „Grup Otantik“, which specializes in Anatolian rock music, and „Anatolian Quartet“, which dedicates itself to more traditional forms of folk music. In his performances, Vural Güler adapts traditional Anatolian folk songs into an elegant and modern idiom. Rhythms and instruments are combined in new and innovative ways and harmonically complement his soft and resonant voice.

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