The Festival


The International Festival of World Music in Büsing Palais Offenbach intends to bring together people of many different origins in order to celebrate together our cultural and spiritual heritage, and to share and develop it.

With approximately one million musicians in Hesse and in view of the historical importance of Frankfurt and Offenbach as a leading center of philosophy and art criticism in the world, the Rhine-Main region offers a unique concentration of cultural institutions, universities, music schools and educational institutions, as well as a wide range of opera houses, concert halls, clubs, museums and other venues for art, music, dance, theater, film, literature and design. As polycentric as it is global as a financial, economic, trade and commercial center, the region has also become a magnetic point of attraction for migrants from now over 180 countries.

„We were calling laborers, but people have arrived“ Max Frisch once said – people who have enriched our cultural heritage with their dreams, with their music, their poetry, their feelings, their traditions and their expressiveness. People who, by virtue of their very existence, invite us daily to celebrate our humanity with them, so that together, we can change society’s discourse and sing a new song, calling out to them – to every single one of them – the famed words of Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller: „Your sheer magic reunites, what convention has divided“!

To them, to their undying dreams – and to those that share them –  this Festival is dedicated.

Hülya Özkaya Güler

Festival Director

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