The festival has set itself the goal to celebrate the music of the countries from Anatolia to Andalusia, from the Alps to Alexandria, and to present it to a broad public.

We are convinced that, due to the high proportion of migrants in its population, the Rhine-Main region possesses an incredible treasure trove of cultural capital, the artistic richness of which has not yet been leveraged and articulated up to its full potential. For this reason, we will also be committed to supporting artists who have emerged in the Rhine-Main region and who have in the meantime gained international recognition. With this vision in mind, the festival aims to realize the following goals:

  • Cultural exchange of local and international artists of high reputation.
  • Promotion of regional artists in particular in the fields of music and the performing arts.
  • Cooperation with the University of Design in Offenbach and analogous institutions and universities in the Rhine-Main region.
  • Active collaboration with local artists to promote new musical idioms e.g. in the fields of cross-over, fusion and world music.
  • Active support of local cultural policy and the creation of synergies with complementary initiatives through relevant contributions.
  • Valorisation of local cultural assets through the provision of infrastructures and facilities to articulate creative action potentials.
  • Revitalization and dynamic sampling of local migrant cultures through a deliberately conceived supra-regional concept (globalization as ,trend-setter‘).
  • Attenuation of social exclusion through the valorisation of local migrant cultures.
  • Promotion of the ideas of pluralism within the framework of the Basic Law, as well as promotion of intercultural understanding and peace between nations.

The cradle of culture

The Mediterranean region is regarded as the cradle of our European cultural heritage, in particular, the three religions of the book have temporarily coalesced and acted with a high degree of intellectual exchange.

In addition, the region has always been characterized by many syncretic currents that have committed themselves to intellectual freedom and have worked to bridge cultural, dogmatic and political boundaries in the sense of a more humane cohabitation. It is precisely nowadays, where religion is often politicized, we are well aware of the common heritage. By continuing with these traditions of pluralism and cultural syncretism, we would also like to consciously contribute to a better understanding of our spiritual traditions, to peace and to healing old and new injuries.

Music is not only a common language that allows us to share the interpersonal feelings between different cultures, the festival is rather to pragmatically promote the human solidarity and cooperation of people across different dimensions of social exclusion. Various approaches have been developed, ranging from the organization of concerts within the framework of the festival to the active collaboration between regional artists who have previously been separated. Examples of such efforts are e.g. Integration projects of the Anatolian Türku with the flamenco or our concert series `Vom Saz zum Jazz‘.

In the spirit of the MainWeltmusikfestival – a bridge between cultures is to be musically beaten. Rhythms and instruments are thus combined in a new and unique way, creating a new idiom of a syncretic joy of life, from which new synergies of human coexistence can arise. 

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