The registered association Su Arts e.V. was established as a laboratory of new creative and musical forms of expression with the aim to leverage Middle Eastern musical traditions into a broader public and to develop the relevance of these traditions as a creative impetus for the European world- and art music scene. The artistic developments thus envisioned do not only aim at achieving novel interpretations of traditional oriental folk tunes through new harmonizations or orchestrations. They rather also aim at developing Eastern musical idioms within a post-modern conception of art, which reasserts the relevance of traditional musical idioms through the creative articulation of their musical and poetic potentials in view of constituting through this process a new musical idiom capable of reaching far beyond its original geographical and musical roots.

Su Arts is particularly dedicated to developing the Anatolian folk song, the Türkü, for entirely new forms of expression, encompassing the areas of both world music and jazz on the one hand, as well as Eastern and Western forms of sacred and classical art music on the other.Su Arts arose originally out of an effort to promote the creative potential of a syncretic migrant culture of high quality through targeted support for artistic endeavours particularly in the fields of music, theater and the performing arts. In addition, the Society, within its particular sphere of action, promotes intercultural understanding as well as a vibrant cultural exchange at a pan-European scale. Su Arts was founded by the German-Turkish artist and composer Hasan Yükselir, who is also the director thereof and who is as such responsible for the management and the artistic and conceptual superintendence of the Society and world-music festivals.

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