Giora Feidman Trio (ISR)

The Spirit of Klezmer“

 The trio with clarinet, guitar and double bass was Feidman’s “classic” cast. In this formation, starting in the United States, he injected decisive impulses into the renaissance of klezmer music and, with his trio, later caused the “Spirit of Klezmer” also to become very popular in Germany. Klezmer songs are much more than simple musical arrangements. Not only the melodies, but also the emotional manner, in which the interpretations emerge are what make this kind of music so unique. The very soul is brought to resonate – from the first through to the last second.

The well-rehearsed musicians fit perfectly to one another as they almost compete against each other, each encouraging the other, supplementing something that the other began, adding points, imitating, counteracting the sequences of the partnering instruments – often with concentrated earnestness and sometimes good for a light-hearted prank. Everyone, who is able to attend, is swept away.

Every concert is one-of-a-kind

“Our trio joins with the audience to create a quartet”, says Feidman. “And if you want to add the spirit in the hall – then we have a quintet – but this special constellation remains only for one single night, regrettably.”

The repertoire of the trio is highly diversified. Traditional klezmer variations, arranged by Giora Feidman himself, build the core of a program. Classical pieces, jazz and folklore arrangements supplement the range. Enrique Ugarte on accordion and Guido Jäger on the double bass stand out as very lyrical accompanists and often capture the spotlight as magnificent soloists.

Giora Feidman: clarinet, bass clarinet
Guido Jäger: double bass
Enrique Ugarte: accordion  

Foto: Stephan Haeger

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