Flamenco Vida y Sueños (ESP)

The artists of the flamenco group combine the view of the flamenco as a way of life and a lifelong dream. It enables them to be themselves and to realize themselves. They convey multifaceted feelings such as the joy of living, pain or love through this fascinating form of art, which arose from the connection between Andalusian music and the musical culture of the Roma. They open their souls and cast their audience under the spell of this magical world full of desires, longings and expressiveness.

Rubio Montero has a unique voice that brings out the contents of the lyrics in an emotional and powerful way at the same time. John Opheim inspires with his professional techniques, his creativity and passion on the guitar.

The musical setting is completed by the dancers Marie Estrada and Sandro Montero who create rhythm with the sound of the dance steps and clapping. Elegant arm and accentuated body movements merge with the music and give the viewer a glimpse of the living tradition of flamenco, which was declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 2010.

Flamenco Vida y Sueños (ESP) – Ensemble:

– Marie Estrada (Dance)

– Sandro Montero (Dance)

– Rubio Montero (Vocal)

– John Opheim (Guitar) 


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