Luiku is an exciting world beats band from Kyiv, Ukraine. Their passionate music is inspired by Mediterranean, Ukrainian and Balkan musical cultures, and features electronic and analog percussion, powerful brass, magical female voices, accordion and more. The band leader and songwriter is the well-known Ukrainian musician and producer Dmytro Tsyperdyuk. The Luiku project first began as a soundtrack order for a documentary film and developed later on into a full concert programme. The name „Luiku“ refers to the character of „Loiku Zabara“ from the famous film „The Gypsy Camp Goes to Heaven“ and the Western Ukrainian word for uncle, „Vuiko“. The use of numerous and varied ethnic motifs in Luiku’s music is the result of Dmytro’s longstanding passion for world music. During his long travels to the Transcarpathian regions, he recorded exclusive musical material and learned to play various local instruments. As a result, Luiku’s music is an eclectic mix of different musical styles found throughout the vast Carpathian region. Sounds from the Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, Hungary and from Roma and Romanians, as well as from the entire Balkans can be found. And this dynamic mix of hot Carpathian beats is one thing above all: extremely good to dance to!

Foto: Luiku – © Dmytro Tolokonov

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