Maria Carvalho – vocals
António de Brito – vocals / guitar
Benjamin Walbrodt – cello
Guests at the Guitarra Portuguesa:
Ivo Guedes

20 years have passed since the group TRIO FADO was founded in Berlin. So far, an exciting and rewarding journey that is still ongoing. Trio Fado has dedicated itself wholeheartedly to fado, this passionate and yearning music that was born in the streets of old Lisbon. They are touring all over Germany with their fado and the response is overwhelmingly positive.

In all other European countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, France, etc., they have been enthusiastically received over the years. There have been countless great moments of joy on this journey so far. They were warmly welcomed during their 5-day guest performance in Armenia and on Armenian television. The audience of several philharmonics in Russia and in the chamber hall of the Berlin Philharmonic was also happy about famous fados, which Trio Fado gives a personal touch with new arrangements, but also with his own compositions and texts.

TRIO FADO even represented Portugal for a few years as a member of the project “Heimatlieder from Germany“. A musical project that brings the music of several countries to the stage in well-known German theaters.

TRIO Fado played for the film „Nachtzug nach Lisbon“, with Bruno Ganz and Jeremy Irons, the song „nunca é tarde“ with the lyrics by Maria Carvalho. Maria Carvalho’s singing is also featured in several episodes of the ARD series „Lissabon Crime”. Besides compositions by Peter Gromer, the lyrics are by Maria Carvalho. One of the songs, „Preso no Tempo“, was nominated for the film music award for best film song in 2019.TRIO FADO has 3 CD releases:

• Com que voz
• Portolisboa
• Nunca é tarde

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