Hasan Yükselir (TUR)

Hasan Yükselir

The soloist and composer Hasan Yükselir lives and works in Berlin and in Istanbul. He completed his musical education at the Gazi University Ankara and subsequently received his M.A. from the Faculty of Language, History and Geography of the University of Ankara. There, he received instruction in composition from Turgut Aldemir and vocal instruction from Sevim Çıdamlı (Soprano). Hasan Yükselir ranks among the exceptional creative musical talents of his country. He composes and adapts traditional Turkish folk songs into both western classical musical forms as well as into jazz idioms and renders them in his classically trained voice.

He performed in theatrical plays and musicals, published several CDs and composed film music for the Turkish and German television. It is the particular credit of Hasan Yükselir, to have recognized the universal artistic significance of the Türkü and to have developed it both conceptionally and artistically for the international world and classical music scene. Thus, Hasan Yükselir must be credited with having written the first ever concerto for a traditional Turkish instrument and a western symphony orchestra with his Concertino For Three Baglamas, which premiered in 1996 by the Cologne Symphony Orchestra. His compositions include among others the intimate play „Saw Hands Which Bound Roses in Dark Earth“, the song cycle „Love is a Shirt of Fire “ and the cantata “From Yunus (Emre) to Nazım (Hikmet)“. He performs live in concerts and international recitals across Europe. Concerts in the Cologne Philharmonic (WDR), the Alte Oper Frankfurt and the House of World Cultures in Berlin constituted important milestones in his musical career.

Further details can be found at www.hasanyukselir.com or www.facebook.com/YukselirHasan 

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