Vali Vasile Darnea (ROU)

Vali Vasile Darnea, born in Romania in 1975, received his first violin lessons at the age of four. His extraordinary talent helped him to win several national competitions at an early age. In 1993 the young violinist came to Germany and began to study violin at the HfK Bremen with Professor Maria Grevesmühl, first as a young student and two years later as a full student, and then in 1997 with Professor Thomas Klug. In 2003 Vali Vasile Darnea completed his studies in his main subject with the highest distinction.

The way in which they bring together elements from the Baroque or even the Renaissance to the Balkans leads to an astonishing homogeneity. In the Theater des Westens Berlin (2004) he found his first permanent job. Darnea is Primarius in the Cypress Quartet, member of the RoVaMe Trio, the Tal Consort Ensemble and the VaRoCo Trio Paris.

His special musical understanding, the beautiful warm sound on the violin and his extraordinary virtuosity have enabled him to often perform as a soloist with orchestra and as concertmaster in various orchestras.

The same extraordinary musical and violinistic qualities have led to the Romanian violinist being invited very often for CD recordings and for collaborations with renowned artists such as Jasper van’t Hof (Jaro Medien), Valentine (Sony) or Stage Entertainment.

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