GaMaNia (DEU)

„GaMaNia“is an imaginary country that Gabriela and Martin discovered; a country that has similarities with germany, and with everyone that speaks or sings in german.

Everyone that plays or sings along with them achieves thereby the citizenship of GaMaNia and is a GaManian. Multiple citizenships are welcome. It is a nice coincidence that Ga Ma & Ni are tone syllables in indian music, and correspond with the note names E F & B or with the syllables Mi Fa & Ti in Solfeggio. It is no coincidence that in 2019 the Berlin singer Martina Gebhardt (MaGe!) was naturalized as a new GaMaNia due to many years of fruitful cooperation with Martin Lillich.

Martin Lillich is an expert traveller between Classical, Klezmer, Jazz, African und Oriental music. After 10 years of teaching jazz at universities he joined Global Music Academy Berlin to develop and teach new curricula for music academies in Africa. He keeps traveling the world as a musician and as a teacher.

The clarinet player Gabriela Kaufmann – from Classical to Klezmer Music- powerful and absolutely authentic…

She studied classical music, but after 10 years of membership in classical orchestras and ensembles, specialized for New Music and Musical Theatre she discovered her passion and love for Klezmer Music, the traditional dance – and folk music of the yiddish people in eastern Europe.

In the way she plays she passes the borders of traditional Klezmer Music: tango as well as elements from contemporary music and jazz give her style a very original and colorful touch. But at every time you feel the deep respect for the heritage of the eastern European klezmorim. As a soloist, in different ensembles, especially with the award- winning trio KLEZMERS TECHTER that she founded more than 20 years ago- or international workshops with Giora Feidman- as a lecturer and concert musician- she was invited in many countries of our planet. With sensitivity for the musical heritage, all her (life-) experience, deep emotions and great professionalism Gabriela Kaufmann takes the audience into musical sound worlds of many different colors- full of energy, elegance and deep emotion.

The Berlin jazz singer Martina Gebhardt travels on her way through music styles, lyrics and songs in all colours. She already wrote German lyrics for her band at primary school, studied advertising, music education and jazz, teaches groups and individually, and she continues to develop her musical skills. After many releases, her first quintet CD, on which Martin Lillich plays the bass, was released in 2017, while Martina wrote all the pieces, including chansons with German lyrics. 2019 sees the release of her new CD, a bass vocal duo. Martina makes music with passion and likes to improvise from her heart. She relies on her versatile voice and her boundless vision of a great wonderful world – through the healing power of music.

Foto: Martin Lillich ©Christa Zwingenberger

Foto: Martina Gebhardt ©David Beecroft Photography

Foto: Gabriele Kaufmann ©

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