Impressions of MainWeltmusik Festival 2014-2019


A musicfestival in Offenbach – Overcoming borders with the power of music.

„Music Without Borders Connects Nations“ The international festival of world music unites people from different cultural and spiritual backgrounds to celebrate, share and develop their common cultural and spiritual heritage. The different nationalities, religions and languages do not play a role. Music is the only common and most beautiful world language!

In the Rhein-Main region, there is an incredibly rich cultural heritage of musical traditions from nations out of over 180 countries, 150 of which are in Offenbach am Main on its own. The music of different cultures is combined with each other and creates a basis for communication without many words, shares love and respect through the sound.

Rhythms of different cultures are connected in a new and unique way with the MainWeltmusik Festival and cross cultural borders to enhance the coexistence of different nations.

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