Jorge Palomo


 Jorge Palomo is a professional musician and composer who lives between Madrid, Spain & Frankfurt, Germany. He was born in the Trinidad district of Malaga in Spain and has spent most of his life living between Spain and Germany.

His passion for music and mainly Flamenco started very early at home, fostered by his family, especially by his brother Pedro Palomo. After studying at the Spanish academy of music „Conservatorio de Fuengirola“, Jorge quickly became a professional in playing several instruments like the Spanish Guitar, the Cajon, drums, Congas etc. At the age of 24 he accompanied in Malaga world famous Flamenco musicians like Manzanita, „El Chino de Málaga“, Tableton, El Recortao, etc.

During his time in Madrid he worked together with Jorge Pardo, Antonio Rey, Mara Rey, José Luis Montón, Ara Malikian, Joaquin Ruiz, Oscar Herrero, Guillermo Mc Gill, Montse Cortés, Joaquin Ruiz, Eva Durán, Ana Salazar, etc. Jorge toured with them throughout the world in countries like Japan, Scandinavia, South Africa, Philippines, Egypt, France, Germany and he experienced playing in renowned concert halls and theaters like Teatro Real de Madrid, Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Cairo Opera House…

His musical journey made him become acquainted with various music genres like Pop, Rock, Latin jazz, Cuban music, Brazilian Music and with new cultures which he endeavours to fuse with Flamenco. In his opinion, Music connects people independently of their origin. Music doesn’t need any particular language to be understood and felt. Jorge’s life aim is to be an ambassador of the Flamenco music throughout the world by nourishing and evolving it.

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