Rembetiko - Aspasia Stratigou & Vasilis Korakakis


From Asia Minor through the ports of Greece .The Rembetiko is a Greek style of music that has emerged from the folk music traditions of Greece and at the beginning of the 20th century forming in the cities of Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki subcultures. Aspasia Stratigou & Vasilis Korakakis (son of Rembetiko icon Vaggelis Korakakis) will present with her band a tribute to „the Greek Blues“. Rembetiko pur!

The Blues of Greece!
The Rembetiko is often referred to as the Greek Blues, because the lyrics are similar to the Blues from everyday worries and experiences of ordinary people. The Rembetiko experienced in the 1930s to the 1950s in its heyday. In the early days of its formation Rembetika were played only by living in Piraeus Rembetes, mostly refugees who in 1922, the year of the so-called Asia Minor catastrophe, from Smyrna and other places of Asia Minor had been driven into the European Greek heartland. Later it developed into one of the most popular forms of music in Greece. Main instruments bouzouki, guitar, Baglamas, accordion and violin. Among the most famous composers of Rembetiko include Markos Vamvakaris, Vasilis and Manolis Hiotis Tsitsanis. The essential rhythms or dances of Rembetiko are hasapiko, Chasaposervikos, Zeibekikos, Karsilamas, Aptalikos, Tsifteteli, Anatolitikos or Bayo and Sirtos.

Aspasia Stratigou, Vocal
Vasilis Korakakis, Bouzouki, Vocal
Theodoros Stougios, Bouzouki
Anastasios Athanasias, Accordion
Ioannis Evangelou, Guitar
Panagiotis Tsitsikas, Bass

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