Erdem Şimşek (TUR)


 Erdem Şimşek was born in Ankara, on 1984. He is one of the prominent baglama performers of younger generation. He started to play baglama when he was six with the influences of his grandfather Asık Suleyman Kocak. He graduated from METU, Geological Engineering Department in 2007. He completed his ethnomusicology master degree in ITU MIAM, where he worked as a research assistant until 2015.

He continues his doctoral studies in ITU Musicology and Music Theory Program and works as a lecturer in ITU Turkish Music State Concervatory Instrument Department. Behind the concerts with Bengi Baglama Trio and Lal Baglama Trio he has been performing in many different international music projects such as the ones with Dresden Sinfoniker and Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. He performed in many music programs in national TV (TRT), like Bergüzar, Dem Bu Dem, Katre, Yediveren, Telli Turnam. He performed in many albums, and some of his performances are published by important producers like ECM,   Felmay, Kalan.   Behind traditional performance techniques Şimşek also   continues his experimental studies on different tuning systems with new designed bağlama types like 4-stringed bağlama. 


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