Proekt Iljada (MKD)

Proekt Iljada is a young ethno-fusion band from Skopje. Our aim is to capture the beauty of Macedonian music and enrich it with modern means of expression. We want to take our listeners on a sonic journey through the diverse musical landscape that Macedonia has to offer. We present a wide repertoire of fast dances, melancholic ballads and all the fascinating rhythms that make Macedonian music so special. The project aims to contribute to intercultural understanding in modern Europe. We want to show how music can bring people together and create new artistic and social horizons.

About the artists:

Laura de la Riva, *06.10.1989 in Cologne, Germany.
Instruments: Clarinet, Kaval, Saxophone
Education: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Other Music Academy, Global Music Academy Concert experience: Germany, Macedonia, Spain, Norway, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey
Teachers: Nicolas Simion, Lutz Streun, Martin Lillich, Alan Bern, Raquy Danziger

Robert Angelovski, *19.07.1993 in Skopje, Macedonia.
Instruments: Accordion, Kaval, Gajda, Zurla.
Education: University of Skopje, Sveti Kiril i Metodi
Concert experience: Macedonia, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Algeria, France, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovenia. Teachers: Goran Alachki, Bajsa Arifovska, Dragan Dautovski 

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