Giora Feidman (ISR)

Giora Feidman: „I pick up the clarinet to share a message with mankind.““

Short biography:

  • One of the most famous Klezmer musicians in the world, also known as „The King of Klezmer“
  • Approx. 150 concerts annually, 60% of them in Germany
  • First successes in the early 1970s as a soloist in New York
  • Since 1984 also successful in Central Europe with the Musical „Ghetto“
  • Musical contributions to German movies: „Beyond Silence“ (Caroline Link), Comedian Harmonists“(Joseph Vilsmaier)
  • 1985: First LP in Germany „Viva el Klezmer“
  • Over 40 CD releases and more in planning
  • Numerous awards including Echo Klassik and Federal Cross of Merit for his services to the reconciliation between Jews and Germans
  • Musical contribution to Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning movie „Schindler’s List“
  • Concert at World Youth Day in Cologne in front of more than 800,000 spectators
    A life like a song with ever changing verses

Even the greatest careers start out small: Giora Feidmans humble beginnings date back more than 70 years to his youth in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. There he is born on the 25th of March 1936 as the son of Jewish immigrants from Bessarabia (Moldavia / southern Ukraine). Music runs in his blood: His father is a musician, just like his grandfather…

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