Mariachi “Dos Aguilas” (MEX)

The Mariachi Band „Dos Aguilas“ brings the authentic Mexican Mariachi sound to Germany and Europe. The name of the band „Dos Aguilas“ („Two Eagles“) indicates their connection to Germany and Mexico, which both carry an eagle in their national flags.

From the very beginning, „Mariachi Dos Aguilas“ has dedicated itself to the faithful interpretation of Mariachi music and rhythms, such as „Huapango“, „Son Mexicano“, „Ranchera“ and „Joropo“, in their original, traditional form, with the classical Mexican instruments. Under the direction of Rodrigo Vidal, singer and vihuelista of the band, „Mariachi Dos Aguilas“ has conquered the audience on numerous stages with the rhythms and energy of Mariachi music.

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