Hasan Yükselir (TUR)

Hasan Yükselir – Soloist & Composer

Classical music & jazz meets traditional Anatolian folk songs

Soloist & composer Hasan Yükselir, who lives in Germany and Turkey, is a musical cosmopolitan and one of the outstanding musicians of his country. He composes and arranges traditional Anatolian folk songs in classical western form as well as in jazz versions and interprets them with his classically trained singing voice. He holds a Master of Arts degree from Ankara University. He has performed in plays and musicals, released several music albums and composes music for film, cinema and television.

His compositions include the chamber play „Sah Hände, die Rosen banden in dunkler Erde“ (Saw hands, that bundled roses, in dark soil), the song cycle „Liebe ist ein Hemd aus Feuer“ (Love is a Shirt of Fire) based on poems by Nazım Hikmet, the cantata „von Yunus zu Nazım“ (From Yunus to Nazim) and Concertino for three baglamas and orchestra.

His performances have taken him to the most famous concert halls in Germany, such as the Cologne Philharmonie (WDR), the Alte Oper Frankfurt, the Hamburg Musikhalle, the Stuttgart Liederhalle, the Gasteig Munich as well as the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin are among the important appearances in his musical career. His performances are either accompanied by a symphony orchestra or take place flexibly in smaller ensembles with classical and traditional instruments. The basic idea behind his concerts is the fusion of European musical elements with Anatolian folk songs.


#Berlin Morgenpost by Christoph Herrmann: „… when Hasan Yükselir raises his voice, you almost think you are attending a Schubert recital accompanied by piano…“

#Der Tagesspiegel Volker Michael „… before Sema’s performance, Hasan Yükselir, who lives in Cologne and is a star especially among Alevi Turks, will present Anatolian folk songs and religious chants in the style of Schubert’s Lied Romanticism…“

More info: www.hasanyukselir.com 

Foto:© Elif Gökce Photography

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