Jannis Karis (GRC)

Jannis Karis – voc/bouzouki/oud/comp

Jannis Karis, a native of Filippi (northern Greece), has lived in Frankfurt am Main since 1975, where he studied psychology.At the beginning of his musical career he was a member of Orfeo Greco, Pegasos, until he founded the group Prosechós, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2004.

In 1990 Jannis Karis toured Europe with the old master of rembetiko, Michális Jenitsaris, and in the same year released his first live album „Saltadóros“, which was awarded the German Record Critics‘ Prize. The second album „Salto Orientale“ (Tanit Records) reached the top ten of the European world music charts in 1994.

At the 9th festival „les temps chauds“ in France, Jannis Karis will collaborate with the Turkish soloist Burhan Öcal and the Turkish music group Istanbul Oriental Ensemble, among others. This year Jannis Karis will accompany our festival orchestra with his Greek folk songs and delight the audience with the most beautiful rebetiko songs.

Foto: Jörg Puchmüller © Prosechòs

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